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Let’s help, together.

Apply below to sign up to our NHS initiative, so we can help those who need it the most.

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This is so we can verify that you can provide good quality care and that you are insured.

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We need to make sure NHS staff receive the quality service they deserve this is a measure to make sure that all therapist are qualified and insured to be providing care.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We hope that you will find answers to any questions you may have about our company or initiative.

    No we do not receive any payment, nor do we receive any funding from any public body or company as part of this initiative. 

    In fact, rather than focussing on private/non-NHS clients, we are pouring all our days, nights, money, time and efforts into doing what we can to help NHS front line staff for free. It’s entirely self-funded and we are fully independent building this from the ground up.

    No NHS staff are being charged by us and all therapists are kindly donating at least 6 hours of their time free. We are working tirelessly to start something new, and do some good for the nurses & doctors who are putting their health on the line to protect ours. 

    Moreover, we also hope to more generally help people see the importance of how critical strong mental health and wellbeing support is to those is difficult roles – NHS, police, army, firefighters. All of these services do an incredible job and sadly suffer disproportionately with PTSD to the rest of the population in the interest of serving the public. 

    The work we are doing is extremely tiring, challenging, stressful and expensive but we believe it is more than worth it. We hope you join us in our mission.

    Yes, all therapy with all NHS frontline staff is being provided entirely free-of-charge by therapists that are volunteering their time to help, for up-to 6 x 50-minute sessions.  

    We recommend 6 sessions with a client to build meaning, context, consistency, and insight in the quality of therapy provided. Equally is does not overcommit therapists to ‘endless’ sessions.

    After the 6 sessions are completed, therapists are welcome to charge, continue for free or refer them back to our site for more free therapy. We encourage you to discuss this with your clients.

    All sessions will be conducted over the Phone, Skype, Face time or WhatsApp. 

    We ask that the therapist be accommodating to the client’s chosen platform – some people aren’t very tech savvy and adopting new systems (on-top of therapy) can be difficult for them. We will standardise this process through our own systems in the coming weeks.

    Yes, you can terminate at any time. There is no lock-in or minimum time period into this initiative. We only ask that you do not abruptly stop therapy with any client, and continue to provide therapy to them within the 6 session free commitment. 

    Correct and yes. Where there isn’t a good match between therapist and client, we strongly advise you let us so we can match them with a more suited therapist.

    No. If you continue to work with clients, we will not ever take any commission out of any client you have worked with through the NHS initiative. 

    We are grateful for your support and delighted that your client wishes to continue working with you – it’s why we created this initiative.

    We recognise the possible demand for 1 or 2 sessions from NHS staff seeking ‘someone to speak with’ – so if less than 6 sessions is needed that’s of course fine. 

    We kindly ask that you tell us when your therapy with a client has ended so we can match you with a new client seeking support, however you are under no obligation to report the progress of your therapy to us. 

    If someone that does not work for the NHS is seeking support, we would be very pleased to help them and partner with highly experienced therapists to do so. 

    We do charge for this, however (non-NHS) private therapy is not our main priority at the moment and you have no obligation or commitment to this work by signing up to the NHS initiative. 

    If you are interested in working with us to support private (non-NHS) clients, please email us at and we will be pleased to pick this up with you.

    Yes. Where there isn’t a good match between therapist and client, we strongly advise you let both the client and us know so we can match them with a more suitable therapist.

    You can volunteer as much or as little time as you like. We have some therapists commit their whole week, others just a couple of hours a week – it’s entirely up to you and your availability to help. 

    We do have a minimum commitment to speak with 1 client, for 6 sessions to participate. Any less than 6 sessions per client, and we feel it risks losing meaning, context, consistency, and insight in the quality of therapy provides.

    This 6 session commitment may be revised in due course. We recognise the changing rota NHS staff have and possible demand for 1 or 2 sessions for ‘someone to speak with’.

    By signing up with Heather you are under no obligation to accept any given client, and you are welcome to refuse a client if you do not feel suited to their needs.

    Heather is a modern, compassionate and integrated wellbeing company that has therapy at its core. 

    We were due to launch prior to the pandemic, however have since put all plans to launch on hold to focus on supporting the wellbeing of NHS frontline staff through this crisis. 

    We are entirely independent, self-funded and purpose led – building everything from the ground up. 

    It may be the case your current contract does not allow you volunteer your time in this initiative but our terms don’t bind you into any form of exclusivity.

    You’re welcome to refuse any NHS client, and there is no obligation or commitment to Heather. You can also terminate your contract at any time, there is no lock-in or minimum time period. We only ask that you do not abruptly stop therapy with any client, and continue to provide therapy to them within the 6 session free commitment.  

    No, we have not been commissioned by the NHS or any public body or company to provide this service. 

    We are investing all our time, money and resources into creating this initiative as we feel it is critically important to maintain and support the wellbeing of our NHS frontline staff, many of whom cannot afford to pay for therapy themselves or have easy access to it.

    Yes, we greatly encourage you to share the initiative with your friends, colleagues and professional groups on social media. It will make a huge difference to the success of the initiative and how many people we can help. 

    Social media is where we’re seeing a lot of traction coming from and we’re very grateful for your support. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts too: 

    As per many legal documents, it’s a way for us to verify that it is really you applying.

    There are a couple of reasons behind why we’d like your photo. 

    Firstly, much like all therapy websites, many clients find it reassuring to  have some sort of insight for who they’re speaking to prior to the call. If you prefer we didn’t use your image, we can take it down no problem. 

    Secondly, we would like to create a therapist section on the website profiling all therapists that have volunteered – to thank them for their time and show to the many expected visitors to the site alongside their name. This may bring you future work of which we take no fee. 

    An image isn’t 100% necessary and if you don’t want to send one, but it is preferable. 

    Yes. By participating in the NHS initiative you are in no-way committing to any work or future relationship. 

    You are also welcome to terminate the contract with immediate effect whenever you wish. We only ask that you do not abruptly stop therapy with any client, and continue to provide therapy to them within the 6 session free commitment. 

    Yes – you are welcome to state in your application anyone you are not comfortable, willing or experienced working with. 

    We only have insight into the information clients provide to us, but will work to match you with the most suitable clients for your needs. 

    Prior to any call we will also send you through details on the issue the client is facing, you are welcome to refuse a client for any reason and we will then work to find them a more suitable match. 

    No problem, we recognise that your schedule and availability is likely to change week to week. In the sign-up process, we do ask you to provide an indication of your availability of which initial matching will be based upon.

    If you would like to add any notes to accompany your availability (e.g. you can be flexible in your timing), please do so in the notes box within the application form. 

    Alternatively and  if your availability changes, please email us at with any specific details and the team will be happy to help and we will update your availability accordingly. 

    No problem – send us an email to and we will update your availability accordingly. 

    We require all therapists to confirm that they have a supervisor as part of the application. We do not offer supervision and this is a mandatory requirement for participation in this initiative.

    Let’s help those who need it most.

    Apply now